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At the dancers pointe I understand that having a fitting for a Pointe shoe is a very exciting time for any dancer. As a qualified fitter its my job to make sure the dancer is fitted with the most appropriate shoe for the individual. I am passionate about making sure the fit is exceptional and the student is safe.

Our fitting will start with an assessment of the foot looking at its shape, its arch and its strength. Students will be encouraged to try various makes of shoe and to feedback during the fitting, I will always explain what I am doing throughout the process. I will be looking at the length, width, shape of the box and the wings. The shoe should be supporting the foot on pointe as well as flattering it for a beautiful streamlined fit.

I currently stock five Brands of shoe and I  am always on the look out for new styles that I think will suit our customers

Pointe fittings are strictly by appointment only.

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